Vista gets on my nerves…

This is just stupid: I have a folder somewhere that I’ve created. It’s not under any security sensitive folder such as Program Files or Windows. I’ve copied some files into that folder. Then, I tried deleting the files. Vista asks me  typical security questions, and I say "yes, just delete the damn files". Eventually it just comes back to me and tells me "access is denied".

Then I try moving the files into a subfolder. It has no problems with that. Tried deleting the subfolder; no luck. Moved the files back to the original location.

Next, I try opening a Command Prompt, running it as admin. I tried deleting the files there, no success either.

Finally, I tried running Windows Explorer as admin, and voila, the stupid thing lets me delete the files that I HAVE CREATED!!! Oh joy. How hard should it be for me to delete a stupid file that I’ve created myself, sitting on a folder that I’ve also created, outside of any O.S. folder???

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