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CodeCast has gone live!

There’s a new podcast for developers out: CodeCast, published by CoDe Magazine. Even if you already listen to other podcasts out there (like I do!), you should probably give CodeCast a try. This show has a different format than the other ones, so you won’t get a "more of the same" kind of feeling when listening to it.

The first episode presents an introductions to the hosts, CoDe Magazine, Xiine, the show itself, and what to expect from it for the upcoming episodes.

As somebody who listens to developer podcasts regularly (one may even stretch that and replace "regularly" with "religiously"), and who’s got *inside* connections with CodeCast, you can be sure I’ll give those guys a lot of crap if there’s something I don’t like about the show.  😉

One of the coolest things about CodeCast is that the show also brings in music from people related to the .NET community. Everybody knows there’s something about developers and music: several developers tend to either like to listen to a lot of music, or be musicians themselves (I fall into both categories). Well, ok, I’m a little biased here: the first CodeCast episode ever ends with a song by my band, Descent Into Madness. Hopefully we’re going to get a few new geek fans after this. 🙂

Looking forward to the next episode. Long live, CodeCast!!

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Upcoming training events from EPS

There’s a couple of events sponsored by EPS coming up, and I’m involved with some of them.

If you have been out of the loop and isn’t aware of what’s going on in .NET land, make sure to check out the State of .NET, presented by Markus Egger.

If you’re a Visual FoxPro who needs to learn .NET, we have a .NET Training for VFP developers coming up. Both myself and Mike Yeager are going to be delivering this one.


Presentation Material from my talks at Tulsa TechFest

As promised to the conference attendees, the material for both of my sessions are available for download here.

As usual, David Walker and his wife have put another great event together. I got very good feedback on both of my sessions, and I’m always looking forward to coming back. Both speakers and attendees looked pretty happy for being a part of it.

At the end, there was a RockBand 2 contest (to win the RockBand 2 game), and I almost won it. Oh well…


RockBand Rocks!!!

It’s been awhile since my last post. In order for me to warm up for new posts, I’ll start with a non-technical post for now.  🙂

A little over a month ago I broke down and decided to finally get myself an X-Box 360 and RockBand. I’ve been hooked on the game every since. I’ve never dug Guitar Hero much because, as somebody who plays the real guitar, playing the game isn’t just the same thing. Since I’m not a drummer, playing drums on RockBand is a lot of fun for me, though.

A few weeks ago I’ve managed to beat all the 58 songs that came with the game on "Hard" level. I was just then set to do it all over, but on "Expert" mode. Until last Sunday, I had two songs left to go: Iron Maiden’s Run to the Hills, and The Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again. I’ve beaten RTTH on Sunday, and then, WGFA last night. Oh joy.  🙂 Now I’m finally ready to hook the console up to the net and download some new songs. I’ll hold off on buying RockBand 2 for a little while.


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