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Material From My Talk at Tulsa Tech Fest 2013

Tulsa Tech Fest 2013 was fun. I’d like to thank everybody who showed up for my sessions.

Here’s a link to my “Adventures of a .NET developer in Rails land” presentation.

It seems like my “Software Development is a Joke!” closing keynote was overall a great success. Since I’ve now presented that session twice so far, I’ll be writing a separate post to talk about my experiences there.  Smile

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Material from my presentations at HTF 2013

I’d like to thank everybody who shows up for my presentations at Houston Tech Fest 2013, as well as the organizers for letting me speak there.  Smile

Here’s a link to my “Want to Build Software? Get Your Act Together First!”  talk. This talk has been recorded on video. I’ll let you know when it’s available online.

As for my other talk  (“Software Development is a Joke!”), it has also be recorded, but since I’ll be presenting it at Tulsa Tech Fest 2013 next week, I don’t want it out so we don’t spoil the fun for the attendees there. Smile Also, I’m going over the material and streamlining it in order to improve it.

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