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Learn how to Taylor your Swift at the Improving Code User Group

The February Improving Code User Group meetup has been announced. Here’s the main presentation info:

Tailor your Swift
We’ll discuss writing cleaner, better code in Apple’s new language, but this talk will be mostly language agnostic and discuss concepts that apply to all languages.
This talk is for all programmers. It is about 98% language agnostic, with Swift used as the language example because I primarily work in Swift, therefore any developer will understand the material and concepts presented.

: Mark Wilkinson
Hello fellow coders! I am someone who stumbled into software development and realized I loved it. I continually strive to improve the code others, including myself, will have to read one day, and that’s what is at the heart of my talks.

Please follow the link below for extra information. I hope to see you there!

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Improving Code: Designing and Publishing NPM Packages for Better Code Reusability

Have you heard of “clipboard inheritance” driven development? Yup, copy the code from one project, paste it into another. And yup… ouch!

My friend and co-worker Joseph Hart will share with us how to design and publish NPM packages to address this terrible thing! Come join us at the December’s Improving Code meetup, on Dec 4, at 6:30pm!

Designing and Publishing NPM Packages for Better Code Reusability

With over 1 million indexed packages and over 10 billion downloads a week, NPM is the most popular package manager in the world. But how many of our organizations make good use of private packages? In this Improving Code session, we’ll learn how to publish and maintain private NPM packages, look at ways to think more generically and see how we can refactor our JavaScript to extract more reusable modules out of our projects.

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A New User Group for Those Who Like Improving Code

I’ve realized that, over several years, I’ve developed a passion for changing code until it becomes readable. Yes, I’m a Clean Code addict! 🙂

Whatever the programming language, library, framework, etc, I always look for ways to make the code more readable. It didn’t use to be like that; I used to look for obscure language features I could use in my code. What for? Clever code isn’t that great if most other developers can’t understand it quickly to be confident in changing it when needed.

With those thoughts in mind, I’ve decided to create a new user group for those who, like me, enjoy Improving Code.

I hope to see you at one of our meetings!