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Notes from January-2015

When I was running the Virtual Brown Bag (VBB) a few years ago, I used to share weekly links to things I thought interesting or useful. I don’t currently have time to go back at hosting weekly VBBs, but I’ll start posting my links monthly, mostly for my own reference, but it may also turn out to be helpful to my readers.


10 tips for better Pull Requests
A brief history of web design for designers
Better Specs  rspec guidelines with ruby
How We (and You) Use Alfred Remote Every Day


Find Work You Love by Identifying Your Unique Angle
27 Simple Things to Start Doing for Your Happiness
How to Stop Procrastinating by Using the Two Minute Rule
How to Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water Every Day
The Secrets Of Highly Efficient Napping
How to Stay Focused When You Get Bored Working Toward Your Goals
Identity-Based Habits: How to Actually Stick to Your Goals This Year
Tim Ferriss: How to feel like the Incredible Hulk


A couple of years ago I posted about how I use Evernote. I’m still using it a LOT, and am always looking for ways to improve the way I use it…

How To Use Evernote To Achieve Your Goals
How To Get More Done Using Evernote and Have Peace of Mind Every Single Day Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Dictate Notes Into Evernote for iOS
Scannable: A New Mobile Scanning App from Evernote
Command + J Will Save Your Day
Plug Sunrise Into Your Daily Routine
How I organise Evernote
How Susan Orlean Writes With Evernote
Bring Creativity to Life With Evernote Post-it® Note Camera & Scannable


I mentioned over a year ago that I help my wife organize and run her online store on Etsy. I read several articles about improving Etsy sales…

How to Boost Sales One Step at a Time
Wholesale Guide for Etsy Sellers
8 Pinterest Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season
3 Keys to Enticing International Shoppers
Top Tips for Managing Custom Orders


Essay · The future of the book
How Facebook and Candy Crush Got You Hooked


Intelligent Elevator

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Hello? Is this thing on?!

It seems like my blogging fever comes in waves. Ever since I started this blog (almost 10 years ago), I spend some months blogging somewhat frequently, then I go on a hiatus, and then I come back to writing, and the cycle goes on like that. The last wave came when I switched over from .NET to Ruby on Rails development. With so many things new I had to learn, there was certainly no shortage of things to write about. My posts related to Rails can be found here.

In the last three years, I’ve had just way too much going on in my personal life and blogging just gradually dropped in priority. Another thing that has made me slow down is that I really liked using Windows Live Writer

(WLW) as my blogging editor, and I could never find a similar tool, or a tool that I liked, on the Mac. Since I’ve been using more and more the Mac as my main machine, and less and less the PC, it just didn’t make sense for me to keep a PC around just for blogging.

As I’m currently having to work on some things that require a PC, I’ve set up one as a virtual machine (using Parallels on the Mac), and also set up WLW on it, so I should be able to be back into blogging here more often.

Even though I haven’t been writing, I do have been keeping track of ideas of things I’d like to write about, so that should give me a head start.

I know some of my readers have also enjoyed posts related to my musical endeavors. I decided to create a separate blog just for that! Go check it out: it’s called Sanctuary of Nevermore. A technical note about that new blog: I’m publishing it to, straight from Evernote!

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Speaking at TDC and Northwest Arkansas CodeCamp this week

Last year I couldn’t make it to Tyson Developers Conference (I was speaking at TechEd Europe in Berlin that same week), but this time it worked out, so not only will I be speaking at the TDC, but I’ll also staying over an extra day to speak at the Nortwest Arkansas CodeCamp. I have made some good buddies in that area, so I’m looking forward to going there.

Here are the topics I’ll be presenting on at TDC:

And here at the topics for the Northwest Arkansas CodeCamp:

See some of you there!

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Moving my Blog to WordPress

I’ve decided I should finally host my blog in a decent engine since I’ve never been too happy with the Spaces Live one. I went ahead and signed up for WordPress. When I pointed the browser to my old Spaces Live blog, it told me Microsoft has partnered with WordPress and could move my content over. How appropriate!  :0)

I’ll go through my old posts and better organize them, and hopefully I’ll go back to start blogging at least once a week. To the very least, I want to blog my thoughts on the latest Virtual Brown Bag‘s meeting; it’s not meant to be a “summary”, since we’re using a wiki for that now, but instead, just my thoughts as they are at that moment on some of the topics discussed.


Material from Houston Dynamic Languages talk

Thanks to all who attended my talk on C# 4.0 Dynamic Features last night at the Houston Dynamic Languages user group. I’d really appreciate if you could rate the session and give me your feedback. You’ll also find the session material for download there.

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Material from SHDNUG talk

Thanks everybody who showed up at the SHDNUG for my talk last night. I’d really appreciate if you could take a minute to rate the session and give me some feedback so I can improve it in the future. The session material can be downloaded here.

Thanks once again!

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Material from Presentation at the Dallas DNUG last night

Last night I’ve had a great time speaking at the Visual Studio 2010 Launch Event for the Dallas .NET user group. I did a talk on the C# 4 dynamic features. It’s a new session I’ve put together real quick and there’s a lot of things I should improve, but I guess it went well. Thanks everybody who attended the session!

I’d really appreciate if you could take a minute to rate the session here, and leave some feedback so I can improve things the next time I present this one.

The sample code and slides can be downloaded here.

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