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WPF training at EPS

In case you haven’t heard, EPS is hosting a 3-day WPF training next week here in Houston, given by myself and Markus Egger. It’ll go from fundamentals, through skinning apps, and composite applications. A lot of ground to cover.  🙂

See more info here.

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Material from presentation at the New England VB users group

Just had a good time doing my “Beyond the Core Concepts of OOP” presentation at the New England VB users group. I’ve heard good questions and everybody seemed to be pretty engaged.

Preparing for it was kind of interesting since I’ve translated all my C# samples to VB. I’m just very rusty with the VB code editor and couldn’t figure out how to do some very simple things. 🙂

The material for the presentation can be downloaded here.


Virtual BBM April 30 2009: follow-up

Sorry for the late post…

Last week’s Virtual BBM went pretty well. We’ve had 17 people attending, and we’ve had more people sharing tips. That’s great; the outcome of that is that we’ve covered all sorts of very different subjects.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to post the recording yet, but we’ll do it as soon as we can. Meanwhile, this is a quick recap of things we covered:

It’s worth mentioning that our buddy J.B., from Houston, was the main “MC” for last week’s meeting, and he’ll do it again tomorrow, because I won’t be able to attend (will be out of town speaking at a user group). As time goes by, we’ll need two or three more people who’d be willing to be the MC for meetings, in case neither I or J.B. can make it; that way we make sure we always have our weekly meeting, no matter what.  🙂

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