Most people are talking about wanting to “get back to normal”. I am personally invested in getting better than my normal used to be.

I’m on a great streak of sticking to a habit of reading books at least 30 minutes every day (many days I’m reading for 60-90 minutes!). I continue my streak of learning Spanish on Duolingo, as well as not skipping meditation.

I’ve realized that, for the longest time, I’ve been a “knowledge broker”, so I’m focusing on the intent of becoming better at that, not only doing it because “that’s what I do”, but also finding and practicing better ways to do it.

I continue to work on recording new original songs (I have 6 songs right now, only missing a couple of pieces) and will start putting them out soon, one at a time.

I will be writing a book! More details soon.

Last but not least: I keep working from home, making sure my client is happy and helping out my fellow Improvers however I can!

Oh, and I’m also excited about the virtual Agile Shift happening during the month of June!!

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