Last week was my final one at my previous client, where I’ve stayed for 2 and a half years; great friendships and relationships came out of it, and I feel like I did a great job there (and I was also told I did…). As I now start on my new client, I’m doing lots of research on the industry and tech stack I’ll be working on for a while.

I’m studying Spanish on an average of 20 minutes/day and have held short conversations with native speakers. I’m aiming to hold long conversations in the near future.

Because I do lots of public speaking, writing, training, etc, I’ve been asked many times if I’d ever write a book. I’ve thought about it in the past but dropped the idea off. When I was asked about it just a few months ago, my answer was an immediate “no” at the time. However, I’ve been experiencing some nagging thoughts about something I’d be interested in writing a book about. I’m sorting out my ideas on this to see if it’s going to become a “heck yeah!“.

I’m working on my motorcycle track riding, improving the areas I feel were affected after I crashed last year.

I’ve recently moved into a new rental house, which I’m very happy with, as it is way more functional than the previous one, with rooms and spaces that better fit my needs and my family’s.

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