Happy New Year!

I’ve been collecting my thoughts for my 2022 Annual Review, which I plan on posting soon. As usual, my favorite books and quotes posts will come out shortly after.

I have been taking my time and learning how to incorporate Obsidian into my personal knowledge management system and am very happy with the results. My book reading system has been working out well and I’m creating many others, including ways to develop my songs, blog posts, presentations, etc.

I’m shooting the video for a new song and hope to have it finished and released by mid January.

Pre-season bike preparation and practice with my endurance race team has started (Yay Texas for good riding days through winter!)

After trying out Xamarin in 2017 and then again in 2020, and experimenting with Flutter, I’m now giving .NET Maui a shot. I’m liking what I’m seeing so far and will spend some more time with it. Being able to target MacOS, Windows, and iPhone appeals to me. I’m also playing with deploying a .NET Core web api on Heroku with a Postgres database, and it seems like it’ll work for what I need.

For years I’ve been thinking of giving PechaKucha a go. I’ve listed a few topics I may want to create a presentation following that approach and am working on one of them.

Books I’m Reading

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