Just a couple more weeks to go to finish the 12-week program in The Artist’s Way

The Improving Code User Group is back and I just presented the 1st meeting of the year (“Refactoring Test Code”). I may end up giving the talk in March as well, which will be a sequel to the February’s talk.

I got back into playing tennis weekly, as another way to exercise while also having fun. 

I’ve put my experiences learning Flutter aside for the moment. There are things I don’t like in that stack and it made me lose part of my motivation in keep trying it. 

Since January 1st, I’ve been taking moments to reflect upon the quotes on the Daily Stoic desk calendar.

I’ve been using Evernote since 2009 and it is a very important part of my GTD system. Their version 10, however, is a disaster. After trying it for a week or so, I’ve had to revert back to the previous version on my Mac. I am keeping version 10 on my PC and started to catalog the main friction points, as I keep an eye on alternatives in case Evernote doesn’t get their act back together.

I’m excited with two Book Clubs that just started with my fellow co-workers: one for a technical book, and one for a book on soft skills. Collective Learning is always fun for me!

I have a big list of things of things going on. In order to clear up my thoughts, I’ve created a mind map and check it on a daily basis.

Books I’m currently reading:

Books I’m reading for the 2nd time:

  • Hell Yeah or No, by Derek Sivers
    • I’ve listened to the audiobook in October, enjoyed it so much, and now I’m reading it again, taking notes on each chapter I read.
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