Book Clubs at the Improving’s internal AppDev Community keep going strong. This time, I’m leading the club on Badass: Making Users Awesome. This was one of my favorite books read last year and I had already planned to read it again this year, so I figured doing it as a book club would help me get even more out of the book, while learning together with other fellow Improvers.

Last year, I’ve watched this video where Tim Ferriss talks about Handpan drums. I had never heard of such an instrument. I liked what I heard and saw. Then I had a chat with an Improver about it, too. Fast forward to about a month ago, a new Improver mentions her dream of picking up the handspan drums. Alright, time to take action.

Handpan drums, as it turns out, can be kind of expensive even at an entry-level. Doing some research, I ended up finding a similar instrument called “steel tongue drum”. I got me a cheap one (56 bucks), and already had fun right after unboxing it. It is now part of my morning meditation. And also, now we’re having a group of Improvers getting together at our office to play some drum circles!

I’m working through the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People card deck. Every week I pick up one card, reflect on it, and make a point to myself to practice the habit.

I’m also working through these 75 Journaling Prompts whenever I don’t have something specific for my morning journaling.

I think that sums up what I’m up to now…

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