Book clubs

I’m just wrapping up Make Time: Cómo enfocarte en lo que importa cada día. That’s the first book I’ve read in Spanish. Having conversations about it in Spanish with my fellow Improvers was a huge plus. The topic of the book is one that I’ve been researching and applying for many years, so I was able to focus on practicing the language.

As we were done with A Complaint Free World (which means also offering lightning talks to share our main takeaways with others), the group decided to immediately start a book club on a related book: The Untethered Soul.

A technical book I read a long time ago and have been recommending to developers since then is Head First Design Patterns. An Improver suggested a book club for it, which is going on strong, with great attendance and conversations.

I’m also almost done reading Courage is Calling, and slowly working my way through Meditations.

Time Tracking

I’ve tracked my time Jul-Sep to have a better understanding of how I’m spending it. I’m now looking through the results to see what I find and where I need to rebalance things. I’ve been feeling like I need rebalancing and this data will help me with that.


I’m pretty much done recording a new song. Now it’s only missing some mixing and I’ll be shooting a video for it soon.

The coolest thing: I taught a class at Improving a few months ago on how to write lyrics to a song. At least one Improver decided to take the lessons learned and write lyrics to this new song of mine, without having heard what my version of the lyrics and melodies sound like. I’m looking forward to releasing both versions when they’re ready.


The Beyond the Track team is gearing up for our last endurance race of the year on Oct 15 at Speedsportz, and then I’ll be doing some the last Sprint race weekend of the season on Oct 22 at GCKI

Photo Credit: Gunner

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