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Band Update: Videos, gigs, etc.

Quick band updates for those who care…   🙂

  • Gig on Friday, October 23: We’re playing another gig at the BFE club in Houston. We’ll be going on stage around midnight. You can get more information about the gig here. gig
  • New material: we’re currently working on 3 new songs that are starting to sound really good. We may even be playing one of these news songs at the gig on the 23rd.
  • Videos: I’ve spent some time editing videos from 5 cameras off of our gig back in July. It was an interesting learning experience for me because I had not done much video editing before. It was kind of hard in the beginning because I got the videos in very different formats from each one of our buddies who filmed the show, so first I had to find the right software to convert them all into a standard format, and then edit the whole thing. I think the result was pretty good, considering that there was no professional camera crew working there.  🙂  I’ve uploaded most of the videos to YouTube (listed below). I’ve made a DVD out of it, which has much better video and audio quality. We’re considering packing it up and maybe making it a available through our website. If we do so, I’ll post details about it later.

Here’s a list with links to the videos. Enjoy it!  🙂

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Material from Presentation at the HDNUG

Thanks everybody for coming out to my presentation at the HDNUG last night. It seems like everybody had a good time, so staying up until 3:30am the previous morning preparing for the presentation has seemed to pay off.  🙂

I’d really appreciate if you took the time to rate the session here.

As promised, here’s the material from the presentation.

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