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Material from Presentation at the Bay.NET User Group

I’ve had a great time presenting at the Bay.NET User Group last week. This was another INETA sponsored presentation. The attendance was great, both in terms of numbers as well as participation, and I’ve had fun presenting on the topic:

Command design pattern, Lambda Expressions, Extension Methods, fluent interfaces, refactoring, test-driven development, writing elegant code, and more! This session will cover a little bit of many things learned from projects he’s been working on. We expect every attendee to learn a few tricks that can be applied immediately, and also to feel encouraged to go out and research more on whatever area appeals the most. Besides learning those things, we really hope attendees will start thinking and approaching their code in a different way.

If you attended to that presentation, I’d appreciate if you could take a minute or two to rate it and give me some feedback here:

You can download the presentation material here.

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