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Using Evernote to Manage a Gifts and Crafts Shop on Etsy

Back in 2011 I wrote a post on how I was using Evernote, which is the 2nd most popular post on my blog currently. I guess it was about time for me to write another one, as I continue to use Evernote a lot! Actually, instead of writing another long post, I’ll probably write a couple of short ones…

A few months ago my wife started to produce some great handmade gifts and I wanted an easy way for her to publish, as well as to organize her business. I found out Etsy was a great platform for publishing her items, so we opened her online store called CLVL Arts Brazil, and we are using Evernote to organize her business. It’s worth mentioning she had no idea what Evernote was, but once I showed her how I use it, she started to use it too, and even got a better phone that runs the mobile app more smoothly. As I teach her how to use Evernote and other tools in this business, I plan on writing a series of posts describing our experiences, hoping this will be helpful to somebody else.

I’ll keep updating this one blog post with all the posts in these series, and will also use tags such as “CLVL Arts Brazil”, “Evernote”, etc., so we can find everything around more easily. 

More to come! Meanwhile, you may want to check out our store at

CLVL Arts Brazil


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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

I’ve taken a break from doing presentations in the last two years or so, and a lot of people have been asking me when I’d come out and develiver a talk again. Time has come! 🙂

I’ll be speaking at the Houston Tech Fest on September 28, and also at the Tulsa Tech Fest on October 11. I’m looking forward to both conferences, as I’ve had a great time presenting at both in the past.

Here are the talks I’ll be doing…

Houston Tech Fest

Want to build software? Get your act together first!

Software developers are supposed to create applications that make people’s life easier, automating tedious tasks, encouraging users to get their work done, organizing complex workflows into digestible information and actions, helping them separate the most important information from the least important. But still, most developers forget to automate their own boring tasks. We forget to organize our information. We sometimes use tools that do not help us get our work done.

So how can we build software that fits our client needs, if we don’t understand those needs ourselves?

This session is NOT about software development; this session is about things we can do and tools we can use to organize ourselves, so we can free up our minds to more important things. Tools covered in this session include (but not limited to) Evernote, application launchers, screen capture tools, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Tulsa Tech Fest

Adventures of a .NET developer in Rails land

After several years of working almost exclusively with .NET, I started looking into Ruby on Rails; different language, framework, tools, mindset. In this session I go over the findings that were important to me, the main source of difficulties, what resources were helpful, the things I enjoyed the most, etc. Attendees to this session will learn what they need to know in order to get started developing Rails apps, or at least learn things that might help them approaching things in a different way when doing .NET development.

Software Development is a Joke!

Several of my technical presentations introduce some kind of humor, but sometimes people end up learning the joke and not the concept. So I decided to do a humor presentation based on software development, introduce some technical stuff, and see what I get!

After so many years writing software, I can’t help but laugh at so many (good and bad!) experiences myself and other developers have had. Not to mention things that just can’t make sense to normal people: how can this ?[A-Z0–9._%+-]+@[A-Z0–9.-]+.[A-Z]{2,4}$ be called a “regular” expression? (If you know by heart what that expression means, you are probably the kind of people who willl try to explain to me why zero-based arrays are kinda cool… please, just don’t!).

F-bombs may be dropped, but let’s be honest, you drop them yourself when it’s 5pm on Friday and that code insists not to work, don’t you?

Share your story!

Have your own funny or outrageous software developer story to share? Check out my post on Software Development is a Joke and leave a comment!

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