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A New User Group for Those Who Like Improving Code

I’ve realized that, over several years, I’ve developed a passion for changing code until it becomes readable. Yes, I’m a Clean Code addict! 🙂

Whatever the programming language, library, framework, etc, I always look for ways to make the code more readable. It didn’t use to be like that; I used to look for obscure language features I could use in my code. What for? Clever code isn’t that great if most other developers can’t understand it quickly to be confident in changing it when needed.

With those thoughts in mind, I’ve decided to create a new user group for those who, like me, enjoy Improving Code.

I hope to see you at one of our meetings!


Speaking at Houston Tech Fest 2019

I’ll be speaking at Houston Tech Fest 2019 this Saturday, Sep 14. I always have a time giving talks out there, hanging out with folks I’ve known for a long time, and meeting new people.

Here are the two talks I’ll be giving this year…

How to Break into Public Speaking

Do have an opinion? Ever considered public speaking? If that thought spooks you, join me and Daniel Scheufler at this year’s Houston TechFest. We’ll share with you our secret sauce for breaking into public speaking!

Testing in Agile: from Afterthought to an Integral Part

Testing cannot be an afterthought; it has to be an integral part of software development. Is it something that QA teams do? Or is it part of a developer’s duties? Do business analysts play any role in it? What is test automation? Unit test, Integration test, Test-Driven Development, Behavior-Driven Development… what do those mean?! This session addresses all of those questions, as we talk through the importance of tests, the collaboration among team members, the techniques, and practices around different kinds of automated testing.

I hope to see you there!

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