The Death of MS Paint and Producing Good Results

.I heard the other day that MS Paint is getting killed off, so I felt I needed to pay my tribute to it.

Before becoming MS Paint, that tool used to call Paintbrush.

Back in high school, my class was using Windows 3.1, and we were given a special homework assignment: drawing something (anything) in Paintbrush. I decided to try drawing this cover artwork of a Batman comic book (which was probably the current issue at the time). This is the original cover:

I spent about 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon and was satisfied with the result. When I showed it to the class, a lot of people thought I had cheated and scanned the cover. The professor trusted me from previous works I had turned in, but still, he told the class he’d know if I had cheated when he analyzed the digital BMP file. He was very impressed by this work, even more so considering I had used just a regular mouse to draw the thing.

Unfortunately, I’ve long lost the original file. Many years ago I found an old copy produced by an old dot-matrix printer, which I then scanned (ironic, I know!) and kept around. That’s what you see below:

Not bad, is it? I really hoped I had the original file, which definitely looked better than the scanned dot-matrix printed version.

Moral of the story: most of the time, we do NOT need fancy tools to achieve great results!

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