Be mindful of your gratitude, but also share it

The Jar of Awesome is a practice keeps on going for me. I’ve mentioned several times about how I take the time to be mindful of gratitude. But only recognizing it and keeping it to myself as written notes isn’t enough, so here’s what I’m doing…

When I’ve emptied my jar with my gratitude notes for 2019, I’ve put the notes in a bag. Every morning, I grab 5 notes randomly, bring it to the office, and put it on one of my monitors (#1 on the image below).

As the day goes by, I pick a note, read it, and quickly relive the moment, bringing it to the present. At the end of the day, I scan all the notes and merge them into one note I have in Evernote (#2 on the image above).

If my gratitude was towards a specific person, I reach out to that person, thanking him or her for producing, enabling, or sharing the moment for which I’m grateful. When the person responds, I capture the response and add it to my notes (#3 on the image above). Why? So I can build great memories for my future-self.

Also, there are times when the people I reach out to are going through some kind of challenges, and they say my quick note came at a very good time. Win-win.

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