MVP for 2006-2007

A few days ago I got an email from Microsoft stating that I’ve received the MVP Award one more time for the 2006-2007 period. This is an honor, and I’m quite happy for it. This is the 5 year in a row I’ve received it. And now that I think about, I can remember each one of the awards, and how each one of them has been special in some way:
  • The 1st one: I was full-throtle on helping the Visual FoxPro community in Brazil, mostly because I knew many developers were having a real hard time using VFP due to the lack of material in Portuguese. I then got involved with writing articles, putting together a magazine, doing presentations, actively participating on forums, etc. At the time, Brazil only had 5 or 6 MVPs, and I was the first one to be awarded for Visual FoxPro. That was a BIG honor for me.
  • The 2nd one: that one was special because the nomination didn’t come from the MS Brazil; it actually came from Redmond. That meant that the folks at that Fox Team had heard about me, and were noticing my efforts in helping the community.
  • The 3rd one: at first, I got nominated again by the Fox Team at Redmond. But at that time I wasn’t doing a lot of work in VFP anymore; I was doing a lot more with .NET, even though I was still writing articles and doing presentations for the VFP developers, mostly helping them learning .NET and leveraging their knowledge acquired over the years working with VFP. When attending the MVP summit at Redmond that year, I’ve asked if I could switch from being a VFP MVP to a C# MVP, and they were cool about it. So that was good because it represented better what I was working with those days.
  • The 4th one: I wasn’t sure I was going to be awarded; I wasn’t an exclusive VFP developer anymore, and wasn’t well-known on the .NET community. Regardless, the MVP reviewers kept an eye on the articles and presentations I was doing, and decided I should be awarded again. I was really happy with that.
  • The 5th one: with the huge number of developers on the .NET community, and the big number of existent .NET MVPs, it’s getting more and more special to be awarded along with so many bright minds well-known "guru-like" MVPs out there. I’m really happy I can still be part of the group.

That’s it for now.

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