Hey, finally got into Windows Live Writer


You’ve probably noticed I haven’t posted anything yet that included images, right? Reason for that is because I’ve always found that to be a pain in the neck. Well, not anymore!

I had seen the name Windows Live Writer before, but had not played with it at all, until today. Windows Live Writer is a visual editor for blogs. Things I’m already liking about it include:

  • I don’t have to deal with the web interfaces for blog postings.
  • Also don’t have to deal with copying things from MS-Word into the web interfaces and then fixing formatting.
  • I can write my blog entries off-line when I’m on planes or whatever, and publish that to the actual blog when I’m online and ready to go.
  • Offers API for plug-in writers. I’ve already gotten some of the Windows Live Writer plug-ins, and am also using Rick’s SnagIt Live Writer plug-in for screen capture.

Now I feel like blogging more often.  🙂

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