Job opportunity here at EPS/CoDe/Xiine

In case you don’t subscribe to Markus’ blog, we’re hiring here…

From Markus’ post:

We are hiring again, and this time on all fronts, from developers and consultants to designers and even sales and marketing, and much more. Here’s a quick overview of the types of positions we are filling:

  • Windows Developers (.NET)
  • Silverlight Developers
  • WPF Developers
  • ASP.NET Developers
  • (Web) Designers
  • SQL Server Developers
  • Combinations of all the above
  • People interested in creating .NET related content (writing, blogging, podcasts,…)
  • Slightly lower priority: Sales and marketing staff for all departments, from consulting to magazine ad sales, to product sales people for products such as Xiine.

The skills we are looking for include .NET, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, Design, Development, Visual Studio, Expression Studio (in particular Blend), WCF, Web Services, SQL Server, and so forth…

One position I am personally looking to fill right now is a developer who will work directly with me. I think this is kind of a cool position for someone who is early in his/her developer career and is interested in moving up and learning a ton of new stuff. The goal for this person is to work directly with me and assist me in various development related tasks. Fundamental C# and Win/Web development know how is required, but we are not looking for a superstar developer for this, but for someone who is motivated to grow into such a role over time. :-).

For those of you interested, send an email either to myself, or to

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