Speaking at the Dallas .NET User Group

This Thursday I’m speaking at the Dallas .NET User Group. The topic is "Refactoring, Patterns, new language features, code quality, and more". I know, the title needs some refactoring.  🙂

Command design pattern, Lambda Expressions, Extension Methods, fluent interfaces, refactoring, test-driven development, writing elegant code, and more. This session will cover a little bit of many things learned from projects I’ve been working on. We expect every attendee to learn a few tricks that can be applied immediately, and also to feel encouraged to go out and research more on whatever area appeals the most. Besides learning those things, we really hope attendees will start thinking and approaching their code in a different way.

This is one of my favorite talks. Very little slides (I guess two or three?), and then just code. I pack a lot of stuff into it, so I hope there’s something for everybody here, and I always have fun presenting this one.

If you’re in the Dallas area, come by and say hi!  🙂

Ah, and I may also spend some 15 minutes sharing some of my impressions from PDC 2008…

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