WPF/Prism presentation from D2SIG

It was fun doing the presentation last night, but boy, there’s a lot of ground to cover. I tried to focus mostly on key concepts such as dependency injection, containers, the presentation patterns, etc., and couldn’t get much into code, other than showing some syntax.

I think I could have gone a different way and built a very small app from scratch, but doing it that way, I wouldn’t be able to cover more of the bigger picture, so the attendees could know what’s actually there. Fortunately, the Prism team has done a pretty good job at documenting things, creating quick starts, reference implementation, etc., so I’m pretty sure people can dive on their own into more details after seeing the big picture last night.  🙂

You can download the slides here. A big thank you goes to Brian Noyes, who was very kind providing this material to me; otherwise, I wouldn’t have had time to put material together for this presentation.

You can learn more about Prism in the latest CoDe issue.

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