Virtual BBM April 23 2009: follow-up

We’ve had our second Virtual Brown Bag Meeting today. At some point, there were 15 attendees; I noticed some were at the first meeting, and some were new to it. Hopefully we’ll see this number increasing in the future.

Here are the things we’ve covered this week (I’m sorry, but I just don’t have time to put more details here. Check out the link to the recording at the bottom of this post to watch the meeting):

  • Entity Framework with POCO
  • VS tip
    • How to set keyboard shortcuts to increase/decrease the editor’s font site (look for the IncreaseTextEditorFontSize and DecreaseTextEditorFontSize macros).
  • May/June 2009 CODE Magazine (the “open source” issue): good articles on Windsor Castle, NHibernate, Mocks and Stubs…
  • Karl’s Seguin free book on “Foundations of Programming”
  • Uncle Bob’s blog post: Code Inevitable? Rumblings from ACCU
  • WPF: Dependency Properties, Attached Properties, Attached Behaviors, Model-View-ViewModel and DataTemplates
  • Refactoring code to use a fluent interface
  • Alternative to dynamic instantiation (DynamicMethod versus Activator.CreateInstance)

Here’s a link to the recording, in case you’ve missed it or want to go back and revisit some of the points.

Next week I will be out to a client and won’t be able to attend to the meeting. We’ll find somebody to start off the meeting and promote others to presenter as the meeting goes on.

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