Book Review: Rails for .NET Developers

Only recently I’ve found out about this book:

Rails for .NET Developers (Facets of Ruby)

I’m not sure it’d have been more useful when I was just getting started on Rails, or now that I’ve had “some” experience with it (still long ways to go, though…). Regardless, this is a good read for .NET developers, no matter whether you’re looking into learning Rails, or whether you just want to see if there are ideas from Ruby or Rails that you’d like to incorporate into your .NET applications. Or, as mentioned in the book, it may also be useful for Rails developers who may need to teach .NET developers.

I’ve picked up this book mostly because I wanted to see what kinds of things I had not looked into it yet since I started messing with Rails. To my surprise, I’ve realized I have tried (or at least read about some place else…) most of the things covered by the book.

Throughout the book, the author shows .NET and Rails counterparts. At the time the  book was written, the ASP.NET MVC wasn’t quite out yet, so the author covered mostly WebForms, and had just a small section on ASP.NET MVC. Not a lot of words had to be spent on the .NET samples, though; since the main target for this book is .NET developers, it’s assumed they’d have a good understanding of the .NET implementation.

With that said, it may not be a fair comparison, but my general perception is that the Rails implementations were much smaller and cleaner than their .NET counterparts.

I’m reading several other Rails/Ruby-related books, so you can expect some more reviews published here as I finish them off. You can also check out my list of resources I’m using to learn Rails.


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