The Virtual Brown Bag is Back!

Back in 2009 I decided to take the brown bag meetings I used to host at the company I work for to another level, starting a meeting with folks online, where we would Learn and Share at the Virtual Brown Bag Meetings.

Together with good buddies JB and George (the duo who were with me at almost every meeting), we’ve held the Virtual Brown Bag for over two years. And now we’re back!

Back then we used to hold the meetings using Live Meeting, which was a problem for Mac users. It was also painful to turn the Live Meeting recordings into YouTube-compatible videos. Now we’re using Google Hangouts, which works for everyone, and automatically makes the recordings available on YouTube just a couple of minutes after the meeting is over.

You can check out the Virtual Brown Bag category on my blog to see what kind of things we’ve shared at our meetings. Lots of goodness, I can tell you that much!

Last week we’ve had our comeback meeting, just to see how Hangouts would work, and we took the chance to catch up and share a couple of things as well. Check it out! We’ll be meeting every Tuesday, at 12:30pm Central Time.

Follow us on, where you’ll be finding the link to join the meeting.

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