Pre-Game Routine to Write Code

I’ve first heard of having a “pre-game routine” in this post by James Clear, and have used to technique a couple of times. This week, I’ve decided to try it out as a “code writing warm-up”. 🙂

The idea is to write a little bit of code for a couple of minutes just to get my mind in that mode. I also decided to stack pair this new habit with either learning or getting better at something I see room for improvement. In my case, that’s ES6.

I’m relatively new to ES6 and am still educating my brain to get used to reading and writing it. I enjoyed using RubyKoans back when I was learning some Ruby, so I figured I could try something similar for ES6.

I’ve found this collection of ES6 Katas; before starting any sort of coding in my workday, I spend 5-10 minutes doing these Katas. I’m digging it!

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