Meeting Interesting People

I’m meeting a lot of interesting people.

I’m meeting people who seem to think and talk just like me, even though our mother languages aren’t the same.

I’m meeting former presidents, senators, and their wives. Republicans and democrats.

I’m meeting people who made important decisions and later changed their mind.
People who talk about other people or subjects; sometimes they agree with each other, sometimes they don’t.

I’m meeting poets. Philosophers. People who speak with very polished language, others who have a potty mouth.

I’m meeting people who have never existed, yet, their stories resonate with me.

I’m meeting people who speak to me from the past.
Some have been long gone. Sometimes I wish we had met when they were still alive. Sometimes I’m glad I didn’t.

I met a youngster who translates wise words from the past into words I can understand with my limited command of the language.

I met people who told me a fictional story written in the past, about their future; a future which is my present.
And stories about their future which is also my future.

I’m meeting my heavy metal heroes, and learning about their struggles and successes.

I’m meeting people I haven’t heard from in decades.

I’m meeting extraordinary people who have accomplished amazing things in their life and are willing to share their stories.

People who are able to say so much using so few words.

I’m meeting people who help me ask important questions in life.
People who give me advice I can use in many areas of my own life.
They teach me things in a manner I can relate.

I’m meeting people whose storytelling skills take me on adventures I may never get to experience myself, or maybe I will.

People who are sharing knowledge with me I didn’t even know I’d either need or be interested in.

I’m meeting people I feel compelled to introduce them to friends and colleagues.

I’m meeting immigrants whose stories of proving others wrong I enjoy a lot.

I’m meeting with people to discuss lessons learned from other people we’ve met.

I’m meeting a lot of interesting people.

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