Virtual Brown Bag Meeting follow-up (Aug 08)

Here’s a quick summary of last week’s meeting:

  • The Art of Unit Testing book: great one! I goes from the very basics (what unit tests are? How to use test runners? etc.), though more advanced topics. Highly recommended for anybody writing tests.
  • SOLID series for the VAN (Virtual ALT.NET): starts on September 9th!
  • Visual Studio tips:
    • Hit F8 to navigate through compiler errors
    • Add blocks of code to the Toolbox by dragging them from code editor
    • On Toolbox, one can easily expand/collapse all tabs by pressing / or *, respectively
  • Interesting comment from our buddy Ben: “You know what hurts WPF and Silverlight? Most of the UIs are gross. Gradient explosion.”. We’ve discussed a little bit about that. I’m trying to get Markus to swing by and share how we’ve been working with WPF and Silverlight in the sense of creating great UIs.
  • JB talked a little more about Monads, and more specifically, the Reactive Framework. He pointed us out to this video.
  • Ben also pointed us out to this cool site. You have to try it out. It’s really cool.
  • Buddy Craig Berntson talked a little bit about his talks at DevLink, more specifically the one on Continuous Integration. He’s co-writing a book about it. He also has presentation material and articles about it here.
  • There’s a two part podcast on Herding Code on “Presentation Patterns”, with a lot of smart people. Definitely worth checking out.

We’ve also discussed that it’d be great to have a meeting focused on an IoC Containers comparison. It’d be awesome if we could get the people behind the main containers on the meeting, and have them answer questions such as “what has made you write your own framework? What’s so special about it that you couldn’t use the other frameworks?”. Let’s see if we can pull that off.

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