Presenting at Houston TechFest 2011

Houston TechFest 2011 is coming up in just about a month from now: October 15th. As usual, it’s free. As usual, there’s a TON of content: 16 separate tracks this year! If you live in Houston, surrounding area, or just feel like coming down for a great event, make sure to register!

I’ll be presenting three sessions there:

  • Adventures of a .NET developer in Rails land
    • After several years of working almost exclusively with .NET, I started looking into Ruby on Rails; different language, framework, tools, mindset. In this session I go over the findings that were important to me, the main source of difficulties, what resources were helpful, the things I enjoyed the most, etc. Attendees to this session will learn what they need to know in order to get started developing Rails apps, or at least learn things that might help them approaching things in a different way when doing .NET development.
  • Virtual Brown Bag
  • Introducing a new feature to a Rails App: from beginning to end
    • There are several ways to introduce a feature to a Rails application (or to any app for that matter). In this session we go through one of the ways which we feel works pretty well. It involves discussing the feature, writing feature user stories, creating screen mockups, writing Cucumber tests for application behavior, writing RSpec for object behavior… The whole enchilada, as one would say.

I’m very pumped by all of these sessions. Both the Rails ones are brand new ones. The “introducing a new feature” one I’ll be presenting with my buddy Ben Scheirman (we have started working on it yesterday, and I think it will come out great!).

And last but not least, I’ll do the one on Virtual Brown Bag the same way I did it last year: it’ll be a *live* Virtual Brown Bag meeting, where I quickly explain to people what these meetings are all about, and then we just share a bunch of stuff (tips, tricks, techniques, tools, etc.).

I hope to see some of you there!

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