There Is No Domain!!

Many times it seems like the hardest question to get answered by clients is:

“What’s your domain?”

I’ve seen people putting their feet down and yelling:

There is no domain!!!

Followed by:

“This application is 100% customizable by the end user… everything is dynamic… the screens, the reports, this, that, the other…”

My default answer for that has been:

“Well, luckily, there’s already some software you can use for that, then: it’s called MS-Excel!”

I then proceed to ask:

“Can we take your app as-is, give it either to Walmart or the Mom and Pop store around the corner and tell them to use it to run their business?”

To which I hear:

“Well, no… that’s not what our app does.”

Darn it, whatever happened to the “100% customizable by the end user…” talk?

As it turns out, there’s always a domain.

Yes, the user may adjust the application to make it fit the business better, but that’s always done on top of the core domain the application addresses.

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