Trusting IT: My New Talk is in the Oven!

Very often when I realize I’ve been talking to individual people too much about certain recurring topics, I consider turning those conversations into new talks. And so it happens again! My brand new talk, “Trusting IT – Bridging the Gap Between Vision & Execution”, makes its debut at an upcoming free virtual event brought to us by Improving. You can register here.

Below are the talk’s Title and Description. I’m putting my heart and soul into this one and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I am.

Trusting IT – Bridging the Gap Between Vision & Execution

As a developer:

  • Have you ever had to justify the time spent writing tests?
  • Do you ever think “how can I make them understand this intricate code I had to write?

As a non-technical person:

  • Have you ever wondered why developers say a user story will take so long to implement?
  • Do you ever think “maybe if I learn a programming language…”?

Have you all ever wished for improved collaboration between technical and non-technical people who trust each other?

Attend this presentation and learn how to bridge that large gap by building a common ground where everyone can better contribute to the success of projects.

You’ll learn how to improve communication and collaboration to make sure developers are delivering what’s needed by the business while doing the right things right (be that writing tests, refactoring code, etc).

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