Studying for the 70-536 exam: the shortage of good books

As usual, the training kit books put out by Microsoft Press sucks. I’ve tried many of them over the last couple of years, and they always suck. And everytime I read reviews on Amazon about those books, I see that other people feel the same way. Well, for the 70-536, that’s still true.
The best books I’ve used in the past were the ones written by Amit Kalani (published by Que). Those were really great, as far as I’m concerned. This time around, however, I can’t use that one because it hasn’t been published yet. It’s been anounced for many months now, but it seems like nobody knows when it’s coming out:
Because of that, we (me and the guys here in the office that are studying for the test) decided to go with the book by Microsoft Press, since that’s the only one available out there:
As usual, the editing of the book is bad, several examples are almost meaningles, the number of errors is just ouchy… check out the errata for it: That’s huge.  😦
Well, I think I’ll just have to live with it and use some other material to complement my studyings. Anyways, I wanted to express my thoughts on it.  🙂

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