From the Tulsa CodeCamp to Seattle for the MVP Summit

Oh boy, some busy days around here…
Yesterday I spent the day at Tulsa for the CodeCamp. I got some great feedback from my keynote on LINQ (there’s no way to not get hooked by the thing…), and also great feedback on the OOP session (that one people seems to always enjoy). On the WPF session I sort of struggled with my laptop since it’s kind of an old box, so things were pretty slow…
Overall, I really enjoyed the event and the people I’ve met over there, and I’m looking forward to go back there for any future events. Kudos to David Walker (, who’s done a great work putting this event together!
Then, this morning I woke up at 4:30am to catch a flight back to Houston, and then from Houston to Seattle. When the plane was getting to Houston, the city was fogged, with zero visibility, so we couldn’t land. We stayed going around up there for an hour waiting, but it didn’t get any better, so we had to land in Austin to refuel and wait until we could land in Houston. My fligh in Houston would take off at 9:15am, and we got there after 11am, so of course I missed the plane and had to get into the stand-by line for the next flight at 12:20pm; I was lucky to get a seat, but ended up not making to Rod’s barbecue. Oh well, there’s always next time.  🙂
On the evening I went to the party Jeffrey Palermo put together, and it was great; got to meet a lot of old friends and got to meet new ones. This is one of the best part of coming to the MVP Summit; getting together with these guys. Plus, I’ve even played some ping-pong with Jim Duffy and Scott Belware; it’s been probably a decade since the last time I played it, but, surprisingly enough, I didn’t get my ass kicked too bad.  🙂
alright, now I’m wiped out… I’m beat up, so I’m gonna go take some rest to be able to enjoy the Summit.

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