DevTeach 2007

DevTeach, in Montreal, Canada, is most likely my favorite conference. I’ve been there in 2003-2004-2005, couldn’t make it in 2006 (visa issues), but will be there for the 2007 edition in May. Here are some of the main reasons why I like the conference:

  • The speaker lineup is always great;
  • The speakers are always mixed in with the attendees, which allows for more interaction and networking (instead of having speakers locked up in some lounge like divas…);
  • The logistics for the conference is great, and the organizer, Jean-Rene Roy, always puts together a great show!
  • Montreal is a beautiful place to visit;
  • From a speaker point-of-view, I love the way we get feedback from the conference. Many conferences out there are very good at demanding the speakers to send material on deadline, but they are REALLY bad at sending speakers the feedback gotten by evals filled by attendees. That’s not the case at DevTeach; usually a week or two after the conference is over, all the speakers can check the complete feedback online.
  • From the attendee’s point-of-view, this conference is a bargain (checkout the number of speakers, sessions, tracks, and the costs to sign up; that’s really hard to beat).

Here’s some info about the conference:

68 speakers are presenting over 3 days

119 sessions presented in 10 tracks

March 31st is the end of the early bird

We have three tracks for the Pre-Con

We have 2 tracks for the Post-Con

A BOF has been added to the show with Oksana Udovitska and Wendy Friedlander,5,1,815

Keynote with Pablo Castro on Entity Framework

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