What does your Start menu look like?

It always amuses me when I see somebody opening a Start menu -> All Programs that has like 3 or 4 columns. How can anybody find anything that way?

I usually create folders within my "All Programs" menu to organize things. For instance, since I install a bunch of things that are related to development, I always have a Development folder where I can find things like Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, etc.

A good way to organize the Start menu is just by opening its structure in Windows Explorer, and do it as we do with any other folders and files. To get there, right-click the Start menu, and click Explore:

From there, just create your folders and move stuff around.

It’s really funny to me how I really try to keep my "virtual" desktop organized, but still manage to keep a mess on my physical desktop. Well, I suppose I work a lot more with the stuff that’s on my computer than I do with the stuff that’s sitting on my desk.  🙂

By the way, I know that Windows Vista has an improved Start menu, but since I’m sticking with Windows XP for now.  🙂

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