Speaking at two user groups in Southern California

Tomorrow morning I’m flying out to L.A. for two presentations at user groups through INETA. I’m certainly looking forward to it. Since the two user groups are 25 miles apart from each other, we’ve figured I could present topics that compliment each other, hoping that the local folks could attend to both meetings.  🙂

8/4/2009, Tuesday,  6:30 pm for LA C# at Manhattan Beach library (info)

Topic:  Intro to Test-Driven Development

Even though the name suggests that Test-Driven Development (or TDD) is all about testing code, it is actually more about designing the code. By following TDD, a developer writes code that is well designed, tested, and documented, and therefore, the quality of what is produced is much higher then that of a code-and-fix approach.

8/5/2009, Wednesday,  6:30 pm for SoCalDotNet at Buena Park (info)

Topic:  Isolating Dependencies in Unit Tests Using Mocks and Stubs

Soon after getting used to writing "unit" tests, developers tend to realize that those tests weren’t really testing "units"; they were testing way more than that. In order to write real unit tests, it’s necessary to use test doubles such as mocks and stubs. This session covers how to create and use those, and how to use Rhino Mocks to simplify things further. As we learn about those things, we’ll also learn about the importance of thinking through how we write our code, putting thought into the dependencies that a class may have, and how things should be split up.

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