Virtual Brown Bag Meeting: follow-up (August 6th and 13th)

Heck, I’m running behind with my follow-up posts again…  :-/

My buddy JB helped us out again and took care of the meeting on August 6th. He’s posted a followed to his blog here. If you’ve heard about the Virtual Brown Bag Meetings from me and end up joining a meeting that I’m not there, don’t panic: JB will likely be there for you.  🙂 Seriously, this is how these meetings go: sometimes I just can’t make to it, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t having the meeting: whenever JB is available, he’ll take care of it, and if both of us aren’t available we’ll certainly find some other buddy who’ll make sure the meeting does happen.

So here’s also a quick summary of the meeting on August 13th:

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