Resources I’m using to learn Rails

One of my pleasant surprises in learning Rails is the plethora of great material available, either for free, or very inexpensive. I am keeping track of the resources that have been useful for me, and am making “The List” available as a shared note in Evernote, as I keep changing this list regularly.

But aren’t there already several “get started” pages and blog posts out there? Yup, you bet. So why am I creating another one? Well, this one only features the stuff that I have used myself, so it’s stuff that has worked for me, and I’d like to be able to come back to it and review things I know I’ve learned someplace before. By making it public, I’m hoping it may be useful to somebody else. 

I’m organizing the list with my “getting started” recommendations at that top, and then everything else afterwards, organized by areas, such as “Rails”, “Ruby”, “Testing”, etc. Some things I’m listing there aren’t specific to Rails (such as RSpec, Cucumber, or even Ruby), but I’m putting them there because I’ve come to start using them because of Rails.

Because there is such a variety of resources available out there, I keep collecting all the things I come across and adding/tagging them in Evernote. Once I get around to trying out the resource, if I feel it’s been somewhat valuable to me, then I move it to The List.

Besides links and general notes, I also add e-books (in PDF format) to Evernote, where I can then run searches and find the stuff I’m looking for real quick.

Finally, since the public link to my shared note isn’t too friendly, I’ve created this short one:

If you have any resources that have really worked well for you, please let me know!  Smile

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