Spanglish in Programming

Much like there’s a hybrid between English and Spanish called Spanglish, there’s also one between Porguese (Português) and Spanish (Espanhol) called Portunhol. It seems like the same happens with programming languages!

Here are some cases:

  • C# and T-SQL
  • C# and XML
  • C# and HTML
  • HTML and JavaScript
  • HTML and CSS
  • HTML, JavaScript and CSS

I personally do not like seeing a file that contains hybrid code. I’ve seen so many horrid C# files building nasty T-SQL strings. I’ve also seen “unit” tests really hard to read because of nasty XML strings it contained. And of course, we’ve all seen HTML files with both HTML, JavaScript and CSS all mixed into one big pile of mud.

One of the reasons I liked directives in Angular 1.x is the fact it mostly keeps JavaScript away from HTML. I say mostly because it still uses some JavaScript-like elements in order to perform for-each and things like that, but not to an extent where I’d forget that I’m reading HTML in an HTML file.

Then I look at JSX (example found here):

Is that JavaScript? Is that HTML?

So far, I’m not convinced I’ll like that approach, but hey, let me stick with it and see what kind of things I can build with this mess.

Como would usted gostar if yo tivesse written esta post the mismo jeito I escrevi this frase?

See what I’m saying? 🙂

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