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Up for a geek dinner in Houston?

In case you haven’t heard of it, check out information about Houston Alt.NET Geek Dinner #3. Topics we’re likely to be babbling about are:

  • Code Clarity / Fluent Interfaces / Code without comments
  • Model View Presenter pattern
  • Continuous Integration

If you feel like eating pizza and talking with other geeks, make sure to join us there.

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C# In Depth – Great book

Back from my visit to Brazil, and ready to start blogging again.  🙂

During this last trip I’ve read the following book:

C# in Depth: What you need to master C# 2 and 3
by Jon Skeet

Read more about this title…

I decided to read it because of JP’s review. After reading a few pages, I knew I had to read the book cover to cover, and that’s what I did. The book covers briefly some key aspects of C#, important things introduced in v2.0 (such as Generics, anonymous delegates, etc.), and then the new features in v. 3.0.

For me, the book was a great refresher for things I already knew, as well as it gave me a lot of insight on things I certainly didn’t know (such as a more thorough understanding of expression trees, lambda expressions, etc.). I’ll definitely have to go back to a few chapters in order to fully grasp some of the things presented there.

I believe this is a must-read book for any C# developer.

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