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Mocks, Stubs, Rhino, all that stuff

At this week’s Virtual Brown Bag, we’ve tackled mocks, stubs, Rhino mocks, and related things, since that was one of most voted suggestions from our folks VBBers. Mark Wilkinson had mentioned he could do a quick intro to Rhino since he had just presented on that topic, so that was great: the more people sharing, the better. Make sure to check out the notes and video.

I’ve also written an article on this topic for CODE Magazine a couple of issues ago, and here’s a video out of a presentation on the same topic that I did at Houston TechFest last year.

Also, check out this great post by George.

Please keep your suggestions coming, and vote for the ones that are out there. We won’t have a Virtual Brown Bag this Thursday, since it’s Thanksgiving and most people are going to be taking the day off, but we’ll back next week! Happy “oversized bird celebrations” for all of you. Smile


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