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Using Evernote to Manage a Gifts and Crafts Shop on Etsy

Back in 2011 I wrote a post on how I was using Evernote, which is the 2nd most popular post on my blog currently. I guess it was about time for me to write another one, as I continue to use Evernote a lot! Actually, instead of writing another long post, I’ll probably write a couple of short ones…

A few months ago my wife started to produce some great handmade gifts and I wanted an easy way for her to publish, as well as to organize her business. I found out Etsy was a great platform for publishing her items, so we opened her online store called CLVL Arts Brazil, and we are using Evernote to organize her business. It’s worth mentioning she had no idea what Evernote was, but once I showed her how I use it, she started to use it too, and even got a better phone that runs the mobile app more smoothly. As I teach her how to use Evernote and other tools in this business, I plan on writing a series of posts describing our experiences, hoping this will be helpful to somebody else.

I’ll keep updating this one blog post with all the posts in these series, and will also use tags such as “CLVL Arts Brazil”, “Evernote”, etc., so we can find everything around more easily. 

More to come! Meanwhile, you may want to check out our store at

CLVL Arts Brazil


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