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New posts on testing for the RubySource

In case you haven’t been following my posts for the RubySource, just a few days ago I published Part 1 and Part 2 on a small series about testing. Check it out!

Some of my other posts include:

If you’ve been following my blog and my adventures on Rails land and would like me to write about anything in specific, please let me know!


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iPhone Development with MonoTouch, by Michael Koby

Last month Koby gave an “Intro to iPhone development” at the Houston Open Dev User Group (you can watch it here). This month Koby was back to show how to write the same “Twitter search” app using MonoTouch. You can watch his presentation here:


iPhone Development with MonoTouch, by Michael Koby

While it’s sort of nice to write C# code instead of Objective-C, the big thing about using MonoTouch is that one can reuse a lot of the code (such as business logic) between iOS and Android applications.

Besides Koby’s presentations, you may also want to check out these two articles that show you how to build a “Twitter search” app, both for iOS and Android:

Building an iOS Application to Search Twitter

Building an Android Application to Search Twitter