MVC, and the *new* things that may not be considered *new* any longer

It’s always funny how people, at this day and age, still look at OOP and Design Patterns as some sort of "new thing that probably Microsoft created and is trying to shove down our throats", even though those are things that have been around for decades now, and still, a lot of people don’t really quite get it.

The "new" thing now seems to be the MVC (Model-View-Controller). I must confess the first time I heard about this pattern has been just a couple of years ago (like 3 or 4 maybe…). Last night, I stumbled across this article, where I’ve read the following:


The MVC pattern was implemented as early as 1974 in the Smalltalk project. It has been given, over the years, many variations, such as Model-Interactor and Model-View-Presenter. Each of these implments the idea of ports-and-adapters on the primary ports, not the secondary ports.

1974?? That was two years before I was even born!!! Didn’t know it was that old.  🙂

The sad thing is that I’ve been thinking a lot about how to put together something along those lines to work in smart client apps, but it isn’t quite simple. MVC, MVP, Supervising Controller, Passive View, they’re all related but have subtle differences. they’re all, however, the total opposite of anything Visual Studio gives us out of the box, like I was mentioning the other day…

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