Interesting training material

As an MVP, I got offered a license to InnerWorkings training material. I’ve been checking out some of it, and it looks pretty interesting.

I noticed they had some material on Domain-Driven Design Patterns, Enterprise Patterns, and some related topics that I’m always interested on, so I decided to try it out.

There is a "Developer Interface" app, where we keep all the material purchased. Each course has a number of tasks, and each task presents the scenario to be solved, the challenges, and reference material (with links to chapter of great books such as Eric Evan’s on Domain-Driven Design).


The task provides a way to launch the sample project in Visual Studio. Once in VS, we get an "InnerWorkings" Tool Window that gives us quick access to the problems we need to address in the solution, and the useful links.

You can either try to address the problems by yourself, or cheat and see the solution. Once you’re done with it, you may click the ‘Judge Project Code" button that gets added to VS to have your code analyzed to see if you’ve implemented things in the way that was expected.   

I’ll certainly be checking out some of the other courses they have available (I need to catch up with some stuff such as WCF, WPF, Silverlight, LINQ to XML, etc.).


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