Setting and tracking some small goals…

A month or two ago, George was telling me about; as the site says “it’s a simple tool to track daily goals”. A thought I’d give it a try.


People use it to set and track simple goals such as decreasing the amount of coffee they drink, setting distances they want to run, and other things of that sort.

I’ve used it for a month now, and am planning on using it for at least another couple of months. In the first month I’ve tracked things such as how many pomodoros I can accomplish in a month, how many pushups, and some other small things I’ve been trying to get better at.

I had set my expectations for the full month based on my guess as to how much I’d get done daily. As it turns out, my estimates were very off. My best estimate came to be about 56% of the actual numbers. The worst one was about 23%. I think the two reasons for it were:

  1. I had set the goals to a number a little higher than what I *thought* I was kind of accomplishing, but not tracking…
  2. Some weekdays I’d just forget about the goals, or just be too tired to care. Most weekends I’d totally forget about everything.

For the second month, I’ve decided to track the same goals, but now I’m putting down estimates based on the numbers I’ve accomplished in the first month, increasing them by about 10%. So all I need is to do a little better than I did last month. If I get into the habit where I at least don’t forget about the goals, hopefully my numbers will improve within a few months.

As time goes by, I’ll probably be changing my list of goals, by either adding and/or removing goals. Here are some of the goals I’m thinking of adding to the list:

  • Play guitar exercises for 10 minutes daily
  • Improvise solos on the guitar for 10 minutes daily
  • Practice speed reading for 10 minutes daily
  • Spend 20 minutes every day learning something

We’ll see. I’ll keep blogging about how this is working for me.

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