Finding Opportunity in Adversity

Challenges happen to everybody. Some look for challenges, others are faced with them. To be clear, I’m not talking about the challenge of setting a game to a harder level, when you can easily fall back to an easier mode if you give up after not succeeding at the hard one. I’m talking about real life challenges. If you’re reading this in early 2020, I’m sure you can relate.

Adversities can trigger a number of different feelings. They can be scary, annoying, unsettling. It is very important we develop ways to find opportunity(ies) in adversity. We can ask ourselves questions like these:

  • What are the challenges, risks, dangers?
  • What can be learned?
  • Who may need help?

Those are only a few questions that can be asked in the search for opportunities.

If we hit a wall, let’s learn to take a step back to widen our perspective, assess the situation, and either see through the wall or around it.

And please, hoarding all TP and hand sanitiers when a pandemic start is NOT a good opportunity found in adversity; learning how to make facial masks and donating it to those who need is.

To close this post, I’ll share this image I saw online this week. I believe it provides a clear illustration to what inspired me to write this post (even though I’ve been wanting to write this post since last year when I was going through some adversities).

Note: I couldn’t find the source to give proper credits. Please drop me a note if you know who created it.

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